Feb 3, 2022 • 43M

10 Write a Love Letter to Your Body - the story of Nato

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Monika Kozub
Boudoir Talk is a podcast where women share their stories. Created by Monika Kozub, artist and feminist, founder of Berlin Boudoir - a project dedicated to showing women's beauty and power. <br /><br />"I've always felt women's voices are not present enough in public discourse, so I created this podcast - a space where women's stories can be heard. Women like you and me, ordinary and extraordinary at the same time. I will interview inspiring women I met in my life, but also give a chance to bring up the ones from previous generations." <br /><br />I will talk about: <br />- relationships with people, and the ones we have with our bodies <br />- female sexuality and eroticism <br />- why it is important to reveal your inner goddess <br />- our passions, things that help us get out of bed each morning <br />- being a woman at work and female entrepreneurship <br />- motherhood in its both wonderful and hard aspects <br />- self-love and how to take care of ourselves, both physically and mentally. <br /><br />Dear Women, Let's Talk!<br /><br />Stay in touch! <br />email: info[at]berlinboudoir.studio <br />website: <a href="http://www.berlinboudoir.studio/" rel="noopener">www.berlinboudoir.studio/</a> <br />Instagram & Facebook: @boudoirtalk & @berlinboudoir <br />Pinterest: @berlinboudoir
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#10 Write a Love Letter to Your Body - the story of Nato

I talk to Nato about:
- her experience of being diagnosed with breast cancer at a very early age
- going beyond the stigma of cancer and not being defined by the sickness
- the joy of life and the importance of writing a love letter to your body
- how to go beyond the superficial pink ribbon and become a true advocate for people with cancer

Nato mentions in the episode "StyleLikeU" series available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/StyleLikeU1