About Berlin Boudoir

Thank you for finding me here. I hope that together we can grow this community focused on body positivity, beauty in diversity and the power of women.

I started Berlin Boudoir in 2019 with a realization that all women, no matter what age, shape or size, have problems loving the way they look. I knew that as a photographer I can show them they don’t need to change anything to look and feel beautiful. And as a woman I understood what they might feel – I had problems accepting the way I look until I was 29.

I wanted to start and art project that would be focused on dialogue and community. Together we can learn from our experiences, expand our understanding of each other and heal.

I want to share with you my art (plus behind the scenes and sneak peeks) as well as some inspirational, feminist and body-positive content: book and film recommendations, and podcast episodes, things that make me smile.

I’m very happy we can get inspired by the incredible female energy together.



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Sharing unfiltered photos celebrating women's beauty and power. A sensual space for redefining what it means to be a woman today.


Artist and feminist activist living in Berlin focused on showing women’s beauty and power.